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Aquavit sells like hot cakes

ScandMedia’s webshop has sold Danish and Swedish aquavit briskly in November and December this year. For the Nordic expats in Thailand, it is not really Christmas without a few “snaps” or “nuppar”. has now got a few bottles of fresh supply – Gammel Dansk, Skaane Akvavit and Aalborg Jubilaeum – after having been sold out dry for several weeks.

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After 12 years NACA still prefers ScandMedia as their publisher

NACA – Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific – and Scand-Media Corp., Ltd. have been working together for 12 years with Scand-Media delivering all material that NACA needs in print. This year, 2015, the NACA reached a total of 1 million Thai Baht in payments to Scand-Media over the combined period of cooperation.

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ScandMedia joins Mynewsdesk Asia networking event

Scandinavian Publishing joined on 3 June 2015 a networking event in Singapore with Julia Tan, Team Leader for Mynewsdesk Asia, and agents from Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

From Thailand, the participants were Gregers Moller, ScandMedia’s founder and CEO; Finn Balslev, Scandinavian Publishing’s Marketing Director and Mynewsdesk Thailand representative Joakim Persson.

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Swedish Summer Party in Bangkok a great success

The Swedish community in Thailand had quite a blast on Saturday 6 June 2015 at Radisson Blue Hotel in Bangkok. The crowd was about 200 persons, including quite many Thais as well. The magazine and news portal ScandAsia had been selected as the Media Partner of the event.

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ScandMedia celebrates traditional Songkran

News  •  Apr 11, 2015 10:26 ICT

ScandMedia Corporation Limited staff celebrated on Friday 10 April the Thai Songkran – the Thai water festival held in the middle of April marking the Thai New Year.

The company has adopted a Thai family tradition, where the eldest members of the family are revered by the yonger and in return receive the blessing from the elder members.

Founder and CEO Gregers Moller gave the company Buddha statue its yearly wash down with scented water. Then one by one according to age the staff poured water over his hands wishing him well in the new year. In return, the CEO said a few personal words to each member of the staff about the past year or the time to come and put gently a bit of powder on both their cheeks.

When all have had a chance to wish each other a happy and prosperous New Year, the formal celebration is usually followed by a more lively general splashing of each other with water.

The office closed early to allow for members of the staff to start their yearly travel home to their families outside of Bangkok. There, the big water battle will rage over the weekend and into Monday and in some places include Tuesday as well.

On Thursday, ScandMedia office will open after Songkran, allowing for Wednesday to return to Bangkok, but many staff members have taken personal leave and will not return to work before Monday 20 April.

Songkran is about cleaning, purification, and fresh starts. Houses are cleaned, Buddha statues are gently washed with scented water, and elders are honored by pouring water respectfully over their hands.Although the origins of Songkran are far more religious, splashing complete strangers with water has become the main attraction of the festival.

Dousing or sprinkling people with water signifies the washing away of bad thoughts and actions, and brings them good luck in the new year.As a procession and formalities end, a throng forms in the street to dance, party, and throw water in good-natured fun. To up the ante, many Thais add ice to their water or travel in teams that wear masks and carry large water cannons. You probably won’t mind the drenching; afternoon temperatures in April regularly rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The first splash mayn be inconvenient, but once you are wet it is indeed fun and a great way to escape the scorching temperatures in April — the hottest month of the year.

Songkran was once based on the lunar calendar, however, now the dates are fixed. The Thailand water festival officially runs for three days starting on April 13th and finishing on April 15th. .

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ScandMedia journalists joined Bangkok Dinner

News  •  Aug 31, 2014 16:37 ICT

Eighteen Danish journalists joined the third Bangkok Dinner arranged by ScandMedia Corporation Limited at Thai Pan Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, to keep in touch with former staff of the company living in Scandinavia. The dinner takes place in Copenhagen every second year.

At this year’s Bangkok Dinner held on 20 August 2014, Gregers Moller, the founder and Editor in Chief of ScandMedia, briefed the participants on the current situation of the company and how it tried to position itself in the fast moving media landscape where advertisers spend less on Print Media and more on Content Marketing and other online media.

The participants were mostly former Danish media trainees of the company located in Bangkok, Thailand, but a few were not in this category. Max Falck is Swedish and worked in 1994 and 1995 as Marketing Manager of the publishing company established only six months before – today he is General Manager of Ecophon A/S, Denmark. Jesper Kiby Denborg contributed for many years as a freelance journalist to several of the magazines published by Scand-Media – he is today Communications Manager at Copenhagen Airports. Rikke Bjerge Johansen joined ScandMedia as Editor and Foreign Correspondent based in Bangkok for several Danish media in January 2008. She left Bangkok by the end of 2010 after two years – she works today as reporter for the Danish daily BT. From Scand-Media in Bangkok participated also Disraporn Yatprom, Graphic Designer and Managing Director of Scandinavian PublishingCo., Ltd.

The former trainees that were able to join this year were:

  • Knud Brix – the first trainee in the company in 2004 and today Political reporter at TV 2;
  • Jakob Holm served in first half of 2006 and works today as Communications consultant for the Association of Danish Auditors;
  • Morten Perregaard served for a full year in 2006 and works today as Independent Media Production Professional;
  • Marie Varming served in first half of 2007 and runs today her own freelance agency, Varmings Bureau;
  • Signe H. Damkjær served in second half of 2007 and works today as Communications consultant at Liberalt Oplysnings Forbund;
  • Line Lagoni Leonhard served in first half of 2008 and is today Press Liaison Officer at the Lord Mayors Office, Copenhagen;
  • Annelene Højvang Larsen served in second half of 2008 and is today Web editor and journalist at the Danish Consumer Council;
  • Sarah Haagerup served in second half of 2009 and is today Reporter at
  • Niels C. Jensen served in first half of 2010 and is today Web Editor for the Union of Danish Bio-analysts;
  • Soffi Chanchira Larsen served as the only photo journalist in first half of 2011 and is today Freelance photographer working at SoPhoto;
  • Kim Birkkjaer Lund served second half of 2012 and about to graduate from Danish School of Media and Journalism;
  • Anders Holm Nielsen served first half of 2013 and is today reporter at TV2;
  • Sine Neuchs Thomsen served second half 2013 and is currently continuing her studies as a journalist.

The next Bangkok Dinner is already scheduled for Saturday 28 August 2016.

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ScandMedia introduces Mynewsdesk in Thailand

Press Release  •  Jun 30, 2014 13:54 ICT

ScandMedia Corporation Limited has entered an agreement to represent the new PR tool MyNewsdesk in Thailand. The online PR platform will be introduced by Swedish marketing expert Mr. Joakim Persson who has joined ScandMedia Corporation Limited to be in charge of the new product.

Mynewsdesk is the world’s leading all-in-one brand newsroom and multimedia PR platform. It is a PR tool that makes it faster and easier for companies, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders to gain relevant exposure – on their own terms. It matches interested users with press releases, videos, images and other content, all instantly search engine optimized and automatically published on social media platforms.

Mynewsdesk is founded in Sweden and was originally a tool for journalists to receive press releases of interest to their line of work. In 2008, the company became part of the Norwegian owned NHST Media Group Asia with Asia head office located in Singapore. Since then, focus has been on developing the concept to be a platform for companies to communicate directly with their customers and stakeholders – including the media.

Today, more than 23,000 companies use their Mynewsdesk newsrooms to publish and distribute their content, achieve greater visibility across search and social media, connect with key influencers, and tell their stories.

ScandMedia with its focus on the Nordic business community in South East Asia has been keen to join the distributor net of Mynewsdesk since it started being rolled out across Asia. ScandMedia founder Mr. Gregers Moller signed the agreement with Managing Director of NHST Media Group Asia, Leonard Opitz Stornes in December last year. It was, however, not until earlier this month June 2014, that the employment of Mr. Joakim Persson to be in charge of ScandMedia’s introduction of Mynewsdesk in Thailand was officially approved.

Mr. Persson has already been trained in Singapore by key staff at Mynewsdesk, Julia Tan, Marketing Communications Manager and Team Leader for Mynewsdesk Asia and Scott Andrew, Mynewsdesk’s Marketing & Client Services Manager in Singapore.

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Delivering impossible printing job in Burma

Press Release  •  Jun 12, 2014 20:32 ICT

Team spirit, positive thinking, flexibility, hard work and service mindedness. That is how ScandMedia Corporation Limited, solved an “impossible mission” for an important client, the London-based NGO Global Witness.

The “impossible” job was to repair a pre-press file in Burmese language where the font was missing, re-size the embedded photos, find a suitable recycled paper, print the job and finally deliver it to a hotel in down-town Yangon, the capital of Burma/Myanmar – two days prior to the planned schedule!

After the job, the client expressed her gratitude for making it possible.

“ScandMedia saved us!” said a relieved Ms. Ali Hines, Land Campaigner for Global Witness

Global Witness knew of Scand-Media’s reputation from word-of-mouth spread by the World Bank in Thailand, so when they received Scand-Media’s email introducing their graphic design and printing services, they were receptive.

The job that Global Witness needed done was a special publication that should be ready before a conference addressing global warming being held concurrently in both Thailand and Myanmar. The client wanted 40 copies of a brochure in the English language and 40 copies of the same brochure in Burmese. The English version was to be sent to a hotel in Bangkok, but the Burmese version had to sent to a hotel in Yangon, Myanmar.

ScandMedia set the production timeline and communicated directly with Ms. Ali through email and phone to ensure that everything was under control.

“We were comfortable with our time-line and we received on schedule both the English file followed by the Burmese file,” recalls Marketing Director Ms. Patcharee Lae-ya West.

But checking the files it turned turned out that they were not suitable for printing. The fonts were missing and all photos were low resolution which were not sharp enough to print.

“We were especially concerned about the Burmese language as this is a language we had only worked in a few times before. An additional challenge was that the job had to be printed on recycled paper. Sourcing recycled paper is not a problem as such in Thailand, but it puts an unexpected strain on the whole project because recycled paper is more difficult to control in terms of colour and timeline,” Ms Patcharee adds.

After a meeting with the team, Ms. Patcharee informed the client how Scand-Media proposed to overcome the obstacles.

“We suggested repairing the artwork by recreating a file similar to the original file and using a similar font to the one originally used. The photographs had to be retouched and generally reduced in size in order to look more sharp in both language versions.”

“Global Witness agreed. After a few proofing rounds we finally received OK to print the very night before we had to print the job to be able to complete everything in due time,” Ms. Patcharee explains.

Then the next morning an email arrived that made the job look simply impossible. For unexpected reasons the Burmese version of the brochure needed to arrive Yangon two days earlier than originally planned!

“There seemed to be really no way we would be able to accommodate this deadline and we were all quite disheartened,” Ms. Patcharee recalls.

“Even if we rushed the printing through in one day, there would be no way the courier service could deliver it the day after in Yangon due to customs clearance and taxes in Myanmar – not to mention the excessive charge for such an operation.”

Eventually – thinking out of the box – the team turned to a Danish journalist who was currently an intern at Scand-Media’s news department, Kristian Kruger Lauritzen. The intern was asked to drop whatever he was doing and get on the first plane to Yangon with the brochures in his hand luggage and hand-deliver them to the person at the requested hotel. Amazingly, the brochures were eventually not only delivered safe and sound on time – the delivery also ended up being less expensive than the express courier would have cost.

As for the English brochures, Global Witness received them on time without any drama together with the additional Burmese brochures on the day Ms Ali arrived for the conference.

“It is always a great feeling when we are able to achieve the impossible,” says Ms. Patcharee Lae-ya West, ScandMedia Corporation Limited.

“I credit it to our team spirit, positive thinking, flexibility, hard work and service mindedness – without such teamwork this job would never have been a success.”

Client Reference:
Ms. Ali Hines
Land Campaign
Global Witness
6th Floor Buchanan House
24-30 Holborn London, EC1N 2HS
Tel: +44 (0) 207 492 5831 / Mob: +44 (0) 773 871 2955

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ScandMedia successfully delivers first print job to HQ of Japanese Institution

Press Release  •  May 16, 2014 20:22 ICT

“ScandMedia can turn the impossible into the possible!” exclaimed Ms. Rina Hirano of the Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan, when Scand-Media delivered an improved version of the first printing job, that her organisation granted Scand-Media to work on.

“The booklet looks wonderful. I showed it to my boss and he was impressed with your work and your service as well,” said Ms. Rina Hirano of the Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan.

ScandMedia Corporation Limited has been serving IGES in Thailand since 2012, fulfilling the Institute’s design, layout and printing needs, but had never – until recently – had the opportunity to serve IGES HQ in Japan. The cooperation started after the Head Quarters saw the printing materials that IGES Thailand sent them. They were impressed not only by the quality of the design and printing, they were also impressed by the standard of service.

Ms. Rina Hirano of IGES HQ contacted Scand-Media asking for a quotation for the production of a booklet with an edition of 200 copies to be shipped to Japan, just for price comparison.

Ms. Hirano had sent a file that she called ‘FINAL’, but when ScandMedia scrutinized the artwork the close inspection revealed a number of mistakes such as line cutting, pictures at low resolution, and graphs and tables appearing unprofessionally.

Patcharee Lae-ya West, Marketing Director of ScandMedia Corporation Limited decided to risk telling the client of her findings, although she was not sure if it would be appreciated.

“I decided that the best course of action for the client would be that I informed them about the file, and – as a consultant and friend – give them our candid assessment of the material,” Khun Patcharee says.

“I sincerely informed Khun Rina that if she printed this file, the booklet would be of low quality, with graphs not sharp, confused tables and pictures of low resolution. Further to the email, I also called on her to ensure that she understood what I had written, as I wasn’t sure about her English and I didn’t want any miscommunication, especially in regards to something so important.”

Fortunately, Ms. Rina Hirano’s manager allowed ScandMedia to adjust the design and layout for them. She added, that this was the first time he had allowed foreigners to create the design for one of their publications.

“Khun Rina agreed to the price for the design, production and shipment, which made our team very happy, as this would be a good start for ScandMedia to work with our new client,” says Khun Patcharee.

“Our Art Director Wuttinan Na Ayuttaya, Marketing Executive Khun Siwaporn Kosanlawit and I had a meeting about what we needed to do and how to finish the booklet within two weeks, including shipment. Fortunately, Khun Siwaporn found a solution by using a door-to-door shipment service, which only takes five days from Bangkok to Japan.”

Khun Wuttinan reviewed the IGES HQ website and learnt from their design, adjusting his work to match their style; and the client agreed to print the first draft right away. The feedback was great. They liked the pictures and thought the layout was clean and creative.

“When it came to printing, I decided to print with Print on Demand as the price was similar to offset and so was the quality, but it was faster – only taking four working days – and then we shipped it to Japan the day after printing was complete,” Khun Patcharee explains.

“We followed up with Khun Rina every day via email, then, three days later, I called to let her know that the booklet had already arrived in Japan and would arrive at her office within hours – and it arrived exactly at the time I informed her it would.”

At present, ScandMedia is working on more projects for IGES HQ in Japan, and a great deal of other publication projects for IGES in Thailand too.

Patcharee Lae-ya West says the success was due to the excellent team work.

“My thank goes to the team for all their creativity, team spirit, positive thinking and good organization. Without the team the job would never have been a success,” she says.

Client Reference:

Ms. Rina Hirano
Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services Area
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
2108-11 Kamiyamaguchi
Hayama, Kanagawa
240-0115 Japan



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